A comprehensive and modern look at education requires a solid training in criteria and skills, aimed at each person and based on our old principles and values.

We are a Catholic educational community committed to the formation of female leaders, of solid faith and excellent academic level, able to take on the challenge of making a difference and forging a better world.

We offer a high-quality bilingual curriculum, including cutting-edge technology, with learning and personalized tutoring, in a community where teachers and parents closely accompany the education of our students.

We work with a comprehensive training that allows each of our students to fully display their potential, preparing them to face their professional future with an education in which reason and faith converge, placing the student in a space of commitment and mature choices, enabling them to put their talent and abilities to the service of others, providing the right spaces to enhance their personal abilities in the academic, spiritual, cultural, sports and community environments.

I invite you to learn more about our educational family through this website, a meeting space that we put together for the use of our community and friends and it is at your disposal.


Ximena Bisso L. de R.
Villa Caritas School