Payments and Pensions

Payments 2020

Preschool Pensión inicio 2020 S/. Pensión ajustada
COVID 2020* S/.
First Steps S/ 1,250 soles S/ 800 soles
Nido (Nursery) S/ 1,960 soles
Pre Kinder S/ 2,060 soles
De Kindergarten a 11º Pensión inicio 2020 S/. Pensión ajustada
COVID 2020* S/.
De Kindergarten S/ 2,545 soles S/ 1,908.75 soles
De 1° a 4° grado S/ 2,545 soles S/ 2,036.00 soles
5º a 11° grado S/ 2,595 soles S/ 2,205.75 soles
  • The annual amount of the educational service is divided into a tuition payment and ten pensions that are made from March to December. Sibling discounts do not apply to the registration.
  • The kindergarten through 11th grade pension includes:
    • Notebooks, school supplies, agenda, book bank, reader plan, walks and scheduled visits within the city, Cambridge System International Rxam Rights (CIE) and choir and theatre workshops.
  • The school has the lunch service, this space is essential in the stage of training students. For Preschool girls, the snack is included within the boarding house.

Dining room

Lunch Monthly cost
Kinder to 2nd grade S/245
3rd to 7th grade  S/265
8th to 11th grade S/270

Income fees in force as of 2019

Income fees in force as of 2019
$9,000 USD 1st daughter (entry in Nursery, PK, KG, 1st and 2nd grade)
$8,000 USD Transfer during 3rd and 4th grade
$7,000 USD Middle School Transfer (5th – 6th – 7th – 8th grade)
$6,500 USD Transfer in High School (9th – 10th – 11th grade)
$7,000 USD Daughter of a former student (or)
$14,000 USD Twin Sisters
$20,000 USD Triplet Sisters
$3,000 USD a year Foreigners and/or diplomats: entry fee per year with contract of employment presented on original letterhead paper (mandatory document) for up to two years. The balance will be paid at current costs during the 3rd year.

The vacancy reservation is made with the cancellation of the entry fee in the first week immediately upon delivery of the welcome letter. This fee will not be subject to partial or full refund. Vacancies that are not reserved within the specified timeframe will be assigned to the next applicant on a waiting list.