Interview with Konrad Brummert – Director of the Film "You Don't Have My Vote"

Konrad Brummert, director of the film "You Don't Have My Vote" and Alumni of promotion IX of St. Peter's School, tells us through an interview about his experience in this great film and solidarity project, which aims to help raise funds for the permanent construction of the Hostel "House of All".

What did you like most about directing this film?

What I liked most about directing this film has been to do again what I like the most: make movies. Cinema has always been an important part of my life and being able to make it as a director makes me very happy. I thank Marcelo Rodríguez for the trust he gave me to lead this project; I thank the students for their immense commitment to history, for the patience in the long days of filming and their continued support throughout the process; and I also thank my production team for actually doing a huge job of getting the film through overcoming every obstacle that was put in front of us. It has been amazing working together with such talented and trained people in each area, they really made me enjoy the work that was done every day.

2. What did you think of the artistic work of the students in this project?

One thing I always highlight when asked about the project is the commitment that students have to their story. They see it grow from conception and at the same time, they grow up as people next to it. Working with a group that feels a story like yours generates a sense of identity and belonging. And that makes everything go the best way.

3. Why should people see You don't have my vote?

Because behind the immense effort on the part of all those involved to make it possible, a story is said that reflects many things in our society. In addition, it invites reflection on various topics such as friendship and the good use of leadership.

4. What do you think St. Peter's School has given you for your professional life?

The most important thing school left me is to be supportive. In my professional field I usually work with different teams and find no greater virtue for one than always being there for the other. When you find a group that complements and is supportive, you notice the difference in the treatment, unity and outcome of the work.

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