Reconnecting with God

I think we've all had to review our data plan or maybe improved the internet service in our home. Some have had to buy
more cable, buy some signal repeater, see where the internet signal arrives best and move their office or the kids' desk there, so you don't miss the connection so you can develop classes or jobs in the best way. This common situation these days serves as an example
for me to talk about something fundamental and necessary in our lives; Not only in pandemic time, but throughout our lives: I mean our connection to God.In the Bible we find this invitation from the Lord:

"Look that I am at the door and I call, if a

nyone hears my voice I will enter his house I will have dinner with him, and he with me." (Ap. 3.20) It

is clear that God wants to come into contact with us. He doesn't get tired of knocking on the door of our lives. Now we could say he doesn't get tired of ringing us or sending us messages. But he is not an inopportune friend, but a friend who reverently waits for us to open the door for him. He's not going to break in, he's not going to break in, he's waiting patie

ntly. That said, let's start by reviewing how our connection to God is. I mention some possibilities without this exhausting others:

  • My signal is good, I maintain good communication with God, I strive to be in contact with Him, with anyone's own difficulties, but with the desire to maintain and improve it.
  • I'm in a place where there's no coverage. I have turned away from God, for various reasons, and right now I am looking to connect with him, as the one looking for a signal.
  • Maybe my signal's weak. (sometimes it connects other times not) Because I don't know how to do it, I don't have a habit of looking for God, or maybe I don't know where to find him.
  • My signal is very unstable. It's a little tricky for him to get lost. All I have to do is find out something bad about the Church and I don't want to know anything about God anymore. Perhaps other more attractive plans appear, and I set Aside God. In some cases, because I have problems I walk away from God, in others because I do very well and forget about Him in the midst of bonanza.
  • I've hung up on other people's signals. It may be one of those who says, "My wife already prays for everyone here in the house." But in this matter, let us remember that it does not work, because the relationship with God is built in a personal way.
  • Another possibility is that he has cut off that connection with God. I've "blocked" it like those numbers who call to offer us something we don't want. looking to connect with him, like the one looking for a signal.

Either of these or another may be the situation of our connection to God. Whatever your case, remember two things: God wants to connect with you and has given us many ways to get in touch with Him. He calls again and again, like the gospel that tells us about the day laborer who goes out to hire in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, until the end of th

e day. God loves us so much that not only did He leave us all creation, so that as we contemplated it we may go to Him, but He sent His Son, Jesus, God made man. He walked by bearing witness to this love, and came to give his life for each of us, so that this connection broken by sin could be healed forever, so that we may know that there we have an open and constant channel to return to the Father.B

ut as God always surprises us, not content with that, he left us the Eucharist, the gift of his real presence. There Jesus left us the opportunity to come into contact with Him; remember that's the sacrament of the Royal Presenc
e, but it doesn't stay there. He founded the Church and gave her the power to be able to care for and keep the sacraments and to be that bridge through which grace comes to us, using example, allows us to reconnect again and again.

Sacred Scripture left us, which is a living and effective Word, which we can access and feed on, to improve our connection with God. There God makes us known, wh
o He is, and what is the plan of salvation for each of us.

Finally, without being less important, he left us St. Mary, Mother of all. Through it we can also activate that connection with God. She taught us to relate to God, to ask God, and to ask Him as she did at the Weddings of Cana.

We see that God not only wants to be in contact with us, but puts all means on the path of our lives for this connection to take place.

In this time, where we have rethinked so many things, how about we intend to improve our connection with God; I am convinced that it will be of great help to you and your family.

Father Enrique Granado
sCapellán of the schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro

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