Living more closely with technology

As a mom, in this "different" time we have had to live… I've been through different emotions… From a lot of fear, uncertainty, sorrow, anguish, etc. Gradually I began to channel all of them better as I adapted to the change. We

continue with the uncertainty of "how long" and indeed grief for the most vulnerable, but, in fact, with more peace of mi
nd. And if an adult lives all this, then more rightly, the boys who are entering adolescence, who are going through a stage full of changes and emotions. So it's ou

r best to understand them as we understand each other, be very patient, listen to them, and keep flowing in the best way possible. Pa
rticularly in terms of the topic remote studies have adapted SUPER well, but the social theme changed abruptly, so networks, phone and play is TODAY very important to them. As long as they ful

fill their responsibilities, I think it's very good that they stay connected with their friends. In fact, s
ince before the pandemic, access to the phone and online play was more restricted, today, it's a little more complicated, they're almost all day connected in one way or another. So it's good to maintain spaces of communication with our children. Ta

lk to them about the news they access so that they can be debated, questioned, etc. since a lot of information is not true or exaggerated. Discern
ing what is good or bad for themselves, the trust we give them, the care of conversations in networks, etc. In fact, it helps a lot to
complement with physical activities (tennis, running, etc.) or some other activity. And, actually, as long as

they don't have someone vulnerable at home, I see it important that they start coming together in a park with their masks because in fact that relaxes them and connects them to their new reality as it all happens. While everything returns to the new normal that if we have understood it… will be like BETTER people.

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