God in the relationship of a couple

As we write about God's presence in our family history, in our marriage, it arouses a sense of gratitude because we clearly recognize that, despite our limitations and inconsistencies, Providence has accompanied and sustained us from the time we met until today with 27 years of marriage. Beli

eving that the future is built on living intensely the present, which is presented as a gift both in adverse circumstances and in joys. Trust that despite unexpected situations we receive nothing but opportunities for growth and happiness. Love by doing this concretely in the exercise of fatherhood and motherhood. It is interesting to exercise the review of history to apologize for the lack of generosity about past circumstances on whose occasions we do not faithfully live those "present"; there we leave to God's mercy all that we could be more faithful. Marriage is a vocation to generosity, where daily and concrete dedication is an unequivocal sign of its nature. When we w

ere married we opted for the psalm of the Good Shepherd for our Mass. Every time we sing this psalm in our schools, as dear especially in such important milestones as that first time our children receive Communion, it reminds us that despite vicissitudes our happiness is more based on our approach to reality and that our life, every time we breathe, is sustained by the Good Shepherd. That when we stray – and it usually happens – we have a first and last name, we recognize the way back, we are very personally loved.

Minority partners of a company whose shares are always on the rise. It is what we are in God's society, valid for our personal, conjugal life as parents, and as children when it is our turn to take care of our parents as well. And these actions, although reduced, make us share in a family reality that becomes unique and unrepeatable, gift and task, and go that we have tasks… what tissue is observed on the back of a carpet, blessed effort whose fruits are possible in its dimension by Grace.

After these 27 years we thank God for what has been lived, we realize that he is always there sustaining us, guiding us, strengthening us by making every day a new dawn.

The Lord is my Shepherd, nothing is lacking …

Aguilar family

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