Prayer: Path of Communication

In this time of pandemic, we have learned many things that help us for our health. I think we have received very good advice to be able to cope with this time full of uncertainties, in the best way. Toge

ther with all these tips I would like to recommend something that is also fundamental to our health. I mean prayer. First
remember that prayer is dialogue with Jesus. It is the way to converse with Him, to come into contact with the Lord of life. Prayer is the oxygen of the soul, it helps us to enrich our relation
ship with who our Father and Creator is, and to engage in that dialogue as a son does with his Father. It also enriches our gaze towards other
s, because from the encounter with God, we will learn to look at reality with the eyes of Dios.Se an example h

appens to me, just as it is good to learn a second language from a young time, also the language of prayer, it is good to learn it from children, so we will speak it better, it will be easier and more natural for us to learn to converse with Jesus , The Virgin Mary and the Saints. What's more, if kids see their parents pray, they'll learn this language more easily, because let's remember that the example drags. Tha

t's why I'd like to recommend something for this time. Let's give ourselves the space to pray as a family. It can be the Eucharist of Sundays, a prayer at the beginning of the day or perhaps seek another type of prayer.
I suggest something else, there is a very popular prayer and maybe you have ever heard of it, it is the Rosary. It is a simple prayer, easy to learn and can be prayed as a family.

A fact, about the Rosary. While tradition refers to Santo Domingo de Guzmán spreading and spreading this beautiful prayer, since before the Church had it as an easy way to pray. It consists in meditating on the Mysteries of Jesus' life by Mary's hand, that is why the Hail Marys are prayed as the Mysteries are meditated. (Joyful, Painful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries). Ano

ther important fact is that every time Our Lady has appeared (Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, etc.) she has exhorted us to pray the Rosary. And I think that if God allows the Mother to come from heaven and give us a message, it must be for a very import

ant reason. She does not come to tell us who will win the next election or the next World Cup, but she has come to tell us a few things and among them is the invitation to pray the Rosary, so I think it is worth paying attent

ion to. Imagine you're a fan of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or an important singer, a super famous actor or Roger Federer. And it turns out that one day they knock on your door and tell you, hey, messi's looking for you, or Federer, that character you admire so much has come to see you, and he wants to tell you something. I think whatever — he wants us, he'd run out and see what that message is. Well something like this has happened with the apparitions of

the Virgin, Mary mother of Jesus and our mother, has come from heaven to remind us of something, to give us a great message for our good. You don't think it's a wonderful thi

ng! That is why I invite you to make the attempt to pray this prayer as a family. To have that encounter with Jesus by the hand of Mary. She can help us a lot to cope with this time and achieve, make it an opportunity to grow in patience, strength, love for others, and many things she as a Mother wants to teach us and help us live in our families. May
be at first it can cost a little, but it's natural. Some may say that she has young children and it is difficult to pray, because I recommend you start small, perhaps with a daily denario and by the end of the week they will have already prayed a Rosary; or maybe involve the family by having it offered for someone in every Hail Mary or Mystery. All of this helps greatly to understand that prayer is to lift God's hearts with all that is in him, joys, sorrows, worries, joys, etc. Because remember there from above comes help us to be able to walk and get ahead in the different circumstances of our lives. I fear with this psalm, which is a beautiful prayer of trust in God and which may help and accompany you in the moments of May fragility: "The Lord is my light and my salvation, to whom shall I fear? Even if an army camps against me, I fear nothing because You are with me Lord." (Psalm 26).

God bless you.

Father Enrique Granado
sCapellán of the schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro

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