Love in marital life

"Even if I spoke all the tongues of men and angels, if I have no love, I am like a ringing bell or a resounding dish. Even if I had
the gift of prophecy and knew all the mysteries and all science, even if I had all the faith, a faith capable of moving mountains, if I have no love, I am nothing. Even if I handed out all my goods to feed the poor and handed over my body to the flames, if I have no love, it's no use to me. Love is patient
, it is helpful; love is not envious, does not flaunt, does not fade, does not proceed with lowness, does not seek its own interest, does not irritate, does not take into account the evil received, does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in the truth. Love apologis
es everything, believes everything, expects everything, endures everything." (1 Cor. 13, 1-7)

Surely more than once they have been in a marriage and have heard this Bible passage. I think it's one of the tickets most requested by the bride and groom when they're getting married. And I think that's the case (it's my opinion just) because what he says is beautiful, it's beautiful rhetoric that lifts us to what our hearts crave. But I'm convinced it's not just rhetoric. First, because it is the Word of God and his pal- abra is the truth, which seeks to help us discover who we are, what we crave, and what is the way to that end. I bri
ng this passage up because perhaps in this time of confinement, quarantine, spending more time together, there are things that have been strengthened, but also perhaps others that have become a little more difficult for us in family coexistence. But rest assured, it is normal and understandable, even more so in these difficult times, for various reasons.

That is why I thought it was good to bring this passage to our memory, because it can help us and enlighten us about what we want and want to live, in marriage and family. It is al
ways good to renew the horizon of what love really is, what our hearts crave and how to come to live it. Here St. Paul makes us see that there is nothing more important than love. That love that focuses on God, as its source and from there feeds to transmit it and make it concrete in everyday life.

Therefore, it would be of no use to me to win all the prizes of the world, if I have no one to share them with; it would do me no good to hold a great position and be someone very recognized o
n a professional level, if I have no love. It wouldn't do me any good to live with all the comforts if I don't have love. This is so, not onl
y because someone tells me, but because it's our experience as
human beings. The need to love and be loved is the greatest and deepest longing we have. But not any love, but a real love, that is not a passing, impulsive momentary experience, as a passionate outburst, but a love like that described by St. Paul.

I would not like to fail to emphasize, that you have to be careful with a simple "romantic" look of love. She's part of love, but it's not the whole movie. Love in marriage involves so much more and I don't have to tell you, because you know perfectly well. There may be nice and beautiful moments, such as sitting down to watch a sunset together or enjoying watching your children run around the countryside, but also moments where love will be lived in sacrifice, amid pain, for illness or when it's time to give up oneself in view of each other's good, that's the whole movie.

Therefore, I propose to read the proposed passage again, and look at the life of Jesus. Because there is the clearest example of true love. He will tell us, "No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends." (Jn. 15:13) and I believe that in marriage there are many moments, everyday, to give life for the other.

When we read and discover the desire to live this love as presented to us by St Paul, we realize that it is not easy, that it costs us and that we alone will not be able to. That's why maybe the first thing to do is ask God. To know that we are not alone, that we have Jesus as our main ally, of our family life. He who wants more than anyone but our life managed to be full. That's why let's not stop asking him every day to learn to really love.

One thing that can help us is also to look at the cross of Christ. That's where we'll draw strength, especially when we felt like we can't do it anymore. When we think, "This is unforgivable." Let us look as He forgives us over and over again. Or perhaps when we suffer, for various reasons, we remember that we a
re not alone in suffering, because He from the cross tells us that He is united to us in pain. When we feel misunderstood, or unjustly treated, He will calm us down and tell us that He knows what it means to be betrayed, and He will teach us that the way to find peace is forgiveness of heart. Remember the following, the heart belongs to the healer, not the one who hurts him, and our hearts have been healed by Christ.

Let us ask God to renew us in that love. May we have the str
ength to rise again and again and live that patient, helpful, dedicated love, discovering how happy we will be to live like this. As a marriage drink from this pure water which is the Word of God, which purifies and refreshes us, to continue to persevere.

Let us learn to dialogue with respect, to correct with love and for love, to listen patiently, to serve without expecting anything in return, deep down, to treat others as I would like them to tre
at me. God bless you.

Father Enrique Granado
sCapellán of the schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro

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