5 Questions to Nurture Our Love

Every relationship is a path of encounters and encounters. Today husbands have a big challenge to nurture, care for and strengthen our relationship. We spend a lot of time together, children doing school at home and most of us fulfilling
our work responsibilities in a different and demanding way where it costs to delimit our roles as husbands, parents and workers. Added to this is the series of emotions that each may be going through due to the current complex situation. In d
ifficult times we need to be more united than ever to be able to think and consider ourselves the best for ourselves and for our families. Many times the day to day and all that this entails means that we cannot be together, look ourselves in the eye and be able
to talk. A good way to help us promote a connection between husbands is to ask us these questions on a regular basis, in a quiet space and always looking us in the eye:

Today, despite the circumstances, it is our responsibility to transform our daily routines into a sum of new experiences. Generating and enjoying a space of intimacy, where we can openly express our feelings, our fears and also our needs will help us build the relationship in which we want to live.

Esther Medina Jorda
nMember of the Trainer Team of the School San Pedr
o.Family and Couple Therapist. Founder of the Family Planting Project. @siembra_familia www.facebook.com/siembrafamilia/

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