Dear Xime:

With great regret, today it is our turn to say goodbye, but with the certainty that there is PARTY IN THE SKY! and that you already enjoy the companionship of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother Mary, who you loved so much and served.

Beyond being for us "The Director of the VC", you were an extraordinary person and a wonderful friend, with an admirable strength, passion, generosity, wisdom and desire to live A role model!

I will always keep in my heart, until we meet again, all your counsel, your teachings, and the moments we share; like those talks you gave us every Thursday at our delegate meetings, spirituality conversations, or at any time when we needed you. You were always there, for all of us.

In difficult times you taught us by example never to give up, to fight with all our might to succeed despite any adversity, to understand that, from our place, we could change the world! That was you Ximenita, always with a smile, spreading joy, and the exact words to give us advice.

I'd be lying if I told you we're not going to miss you, but I know you're in a better place… And so you will continue in our hearts and in our prayers as you always asked us with an honest "Pray for me". From the privileged place you are, I know that you will be accompanying and guiding us to the end by the infinite love that you had to the school and its entire community.

He loves yo
u… Your delegate forever,

Marisol Prieto

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