Dear Frau Ximena

I wanted to write a few words for this special day. I started to think a lot about what I could tell you in this letter. The first thing I thought about was thanking you for everything you do for us and school every day. However, I didn't think it was right just to talk to you about our gratitude.

Then I thought I'd talk to you better about this last year as it's been hard for everyone. It's funny how God gives us something that at first glance looks strange, incomprehensible that makes us doubt what his plan is and why it's not like what we thought it would be. Gradually, however, one realizes that perhaps this is something that shows how courageous and understandable we can be.

After this, I understood something I hadn't had a chance to understand before. Perhaps it is not only the subject of a pandemic that makes us change several things in our way of life, maybe we all have our own kind of pandemic in our lives, which few people can understand. Honestly, this made me think of you! Someone once said, "God puts the worst battles on his best warriors," this made me realize how extraordinary those people are to preserve in themselves that little shred of strength that only they have. Frau, you're an extraordinary person!

In addition, your great commitment to the school and to all of us is the theme of commitment to yourself. You could, at any time, throw in the towel but it wasn't. Your perseverance, strength, and positivism have taught us, follows us, and will continue to teach us never to stop fighting even when the situation seems lost. To be brave, even if it is not necessary to be, to see the positive side to things, even when it seems that there is none, and more important to have faith in ourselves. Extraordinary, many cannot find a person with that characteristic. However, all of us, students, teachers, have been lucky enough to meet her, to meet you.

With all this, I want to say how much your struggle has changed and even saved many of us. A teacher is usually someone who teaches students to study math, English, among other academic subjects. However, it has done much more than that. This is why we will be eternally grateful. I'm sure 20 years in the future we'll keep thinking about you and we'll continue to admire you. We will remember the past and know that we had a good role model who has changed our lives unexpectedly and that has shown us that there are going to be heavy falls in life, that we will have great wounds and yet nothing should take away our desire to continue to be alive. That with each time we get up from them we will grow more and that after all, it is okay to get sad, to feel that we no longer give, but having the certainty that God has a plan for all of us and that there will be better moments.

Thank you Frau Ximena for being more than our director. Thanks to you we will go out into the world knowing that God will not let us fall.

Happy Master's Day!

Ana Lucía Cuervas Queirolo
Alumna de la Prom. XXXIX of Villa Caritas College

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