San Pedro and San Pabo

Today we celebrate St. Peter and Paul. Great saints to those we thank for their testimony of love for God, to others, and to teach us the strength they found in that love.

Every year we choose a generator theme. A topic that will be like the common thread that pushes us in all the activities that we like Schools we raise. This year we chose as a generator theme this: "Brave is the one who faces the challenges of everyday life. Are you ready to face yours?" We could never imagine that the challenge we would face was going to materialize in this way.

It's definitely a complex time, on several levels. A situation that no one expected, which took us by surprise, but that turns out to be a valuable opportunity to see what we have and what we enjoy, an excellent time to get out of our comfort zone and look much further around us and extend a helping hand to those who are sufired from this pandemic.

In this context today we celebrate our patrons, St. Peter and Paul. They knew how to face the challenges of their time, were courageous testimony of faith, and they left us the example of their lives as well as inspired words, which accompany and encourage us at all times, but especially today. We use them at all times as guides to live our faith more consistently. But also in a special way when we experience fragile, weak, in need of help and encouragement, to move forward. Today I highlight two attitudes of our Patrons that can help us.

St. Peter, he taught us that we should trust God more. He thought he was strong, capable of everything, he had the impetus to get ahead in the face of difficulties, so he promised Jesus that he would not bring him in, but then he realized that it was not so easy, he felt fear and denied it. But what did he do next? He trusted in the love of God; He could barely tell her what was really in his heart, told him that he loved him but now understood that he could not only: "Peter loves me?… Lord, you know everything; you know I love you." (Jn 21.17) He learned in the fall, as we are also learning,

there are things we cannot overcome with our own strength and that is why he renewed his trust in God, good and merciful.

Peter teaches us today, to discover that we will experience fragility, manifested in various ways, but this is an excellent opportunity to look at Jesus and ask for his strength and remember that no matter how powerful the human being is, he does not have control of everything.

St. Paul, the great apostle. A man who sought the truth and bravely defended it. It was enough one day that he listened to God and followed f
or granted what He asked of him.

Paul, he teaches us in the midst of all the difficult circumstances he lived, to give thanks to God at all times. He suffered greatly for Christ, but did not let himself be carried away by bitterness, but in everything raised a plea to the Lord and even thanked him for the sufferings he could suffer, because he saw in them an opportunity to join God more and continue to grow spiritually.

Today we may suffer from different circumstances, that this is an opportunity to continue maturing in st. Paul's example. A time to grow in our faith, consolidate our hope in God, and above all to live charity, which is the greatest of virtues, "Even if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all the mysteries and all science, even if I have a fullness of faith to move mountains, if I have no charity, nothing I am." (1Cor 13.2).

St Peter and Paul, today we thank you for your example and witness and we ask you to help us to continue to grow, to be light as you were and to remember that God has told us, that a lamp is not lit to put it under the table. We have received a light, we have received a lot in our families and our Schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro, it is time to give it courageously, and make it shine here and now. Let us ask God through the intercession of our patrons to strengthen us so that we can bring that faith, hope and charity to our society that needs them so much today.

Father Enrique Granado
sCapellán of the schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro

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