4 things you can ask the Holy Ghost to bring out the best in you

The Holy Spirit helps us at all times and this crisis has undoubtedly made us raise our eyes to heaven. I think we often comment and perhaps we long for this situation in the face of the pandemic to make us better. But we also know that it won't be done by magic.

We would like to go to bed one day and the next day we would be living fully living that virtue or quality that we know we need, which would make our lives easier.

The inner change does not occur without an awareness of evil, and how it affects us. Alongside this is the decision accompanied by the willpower to take the step and above all understand that we alone cannot.

This is why I would like to share four things that we can ask of the Holy Ghost so that this crisis will transform us for good, and help us discern, choose, and act better.

1.Holy Spirit, always remind me that I need your help

"For you separate from me you can do nothing" Jn. 15:5. He becomes present through his Holy Spirit and also through concrete people who help, accompany and advise us.

Immersed in a world that has obviated God we have become accustomed to thinking or living in a way that makes it very difficult to see clearly evil and how it affects us.

This has been part of my reflection, to see how in the midst of this pandemic we find people who are taking advantage of it. Perhaps to make an economic benefit they put the health and life of others at risk, and that of themselves as a result.

How hard it is to understand this attitude, the heart hurts. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to keep it in mind in each of our actions, that they are always on the right, and that we will obey.

2."Look at the void of man if you miss him inside"

How present, how alive this prayer is made in our day. It is not a question of pointing out, I think it also happens in the experience of each one, perhaps in less proportions, to fight against some sin or defect that is rooted in us.

For if one does not have the Holy Spirit in his heart, other spirits or forces reign that are not good. For example, selfishness, indifference, the spirit of greed, and others who are present with such force in society, that they are permeated in our being if we are not attentive.

I ask you to fill the void inside me, not allow me to bow for evil, to cooperate, or to advise others to make bad choices. May this crisis help me to see the emptiness of my heart, my decisions, or the actions I have taken throughout my life and that have made others suffer. I want to be nice to God's gaze!

3. Holy Spirit, may my acting reflect your love

During this time of pandemic we've seen everything. We have met people who make fraudulent masks, putting the lives of others, doctors or healthcare workers who are serving and helping others at risk. All in exchange for a little more money, they profit from adulterated products.

I think it is important to emphasize that it happens in all social strata, because evil does not only infect the heart of a social stratum. Therefore, in some cases, even fellow institutionmates infected by the evil of sin are willing to put others at risk.

May my acting always be a reflection of your love. Give me the gift of counsel, to know how to address others if I see you're on the wrong track. And the counsel of wisdom to always keep you in my diary to live, in every step, in every embrace I give, in every word of encouragement I give to others.

4. Help me win the battle to sin

This does not shock us, because we know that evil and sin exist. We live in a constant struggle, so let us not be afraid to repeat this prayer to the Holy Spirit: "Come Holy Spirit… look at the power of sin, when you do not send your breath!"

We see and feel in our own flesh, that when God, who is love, is missing, the power of selfishness becomes stronger than solidarity. Indifference stronger than understanding each other's suffering, greed stronger than living humbly, but with dignity.

If we do not fight against sin, it grows and grows strong, so strong that it no longer lets us breathe anything but coldness, spite, greed, hatred etc. May in this crisis you bring out the best in me, to show everyone that with God everything is possible.

«Come Holy Spirit, light in our hearts the fire of your love»

Let us repeat this prayer over and over again. Let us ask God for this outpouring of his Holy Spirit upon each of us so that we can see what is wrong in our lives, have the courage to accept it, the grace to fight it, and the humility to ask for help or accept it when it comes.

We all have things to change, we all have to improve something, let's not forget about it. Let us take our part so that this which is happening to us will help us to be better, and as St Paul says, "Do not tire of doing good" (2 Thess 3:13).

Finally, I share this Athenas song dedicated to the Holy Spirit and this prayer for you to ponder and keep every word in your heart:

Come Divine Spirit

Send your light from the sky.
Loving Father of the poor
, gift in your splendid gifts.
Light that penetrates souls,
source of the greatest comf
ort. Come, sweet guest of the
soul, rest of our effort. Truce
in hard work, breeze in the
hours of fire. Joy that wipes
away tears and comforts in due
ls. Enter to the bottom of th
e light almadivina and enter us
. Look at the emptiness of t
he soul if you miss it i
nside. Look at the power of s
inwhen you don't send you
r breath. Water the earth in d
rought, heal the sick heart.
Wash the stains. Infuse t
he heat of life on
the ice. He tames the undoing spirit
. Guide the one who twists t
he path. Share your seven gifts
according to the faith of
your servants. For your kind
ness and grace, give the eff
ort its merit. Save the one w
ho seeks to save himself and
give us your eternal joy.


Father Enrique Granado
sCapellán de Villa Caritas y San Pedro

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