The children will be able to leave the house!

Quarantine has brought us many days without going for a walk, to play and without sharing with family and friends in person.

Since this Monday children already have the power to leave complying with some rules dictated by our authorities (500 meters around home, with mask for those over 3 years old, without bicycles, balls, etc; accompanied by an adult and not making use of park games); it would be good if you anticipate these rules to children at home.

Before you plan to leave, answer these questions: are your child and family members who live at home, are healthy?

If there is an SI to all, consider leaving; complying with the rules and putting together a plan to go out and forth.

Bring alcohol gel, avoid touching, organize games that don't require a lot of physical activity, or contact with others; for example jump the rope, balance, describe the objects you see on the ride, take photos, etc.

If you see a lot of crowded people, stay away, imagine that you are in a bubble and no one can burst that bubble, social estrangement 2 meters.

When you return home, take off your shoes, wash your hands, take off your clothes and put them in a bag and then wash it, take a shower and discuss how they felt with the exit.

Remember that "Parents and caregivers are responsible for children, and by example we raise future responsible adults!" Dr.

Roberto SomocurcioPe
diatra and father of family

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