How can I accompany my children to do their best in this time?

There is no doubt that the time we face today is a time that as parents we never plan to live. There are many demands to which we must respond in this house-sharing work that today shares the same roof and that certainly makes us feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

However, as in every situation in life, we have two options in the face of this reality: to look at it from a negative and hopeless point of view, continually complaining about having to perform various tasks ranging from cleaning, cooking, supporting the boys in their tasks, teleworking and attending to the thousands of earrings that we have; or, on the contrary, take a positive and growth attitude, which will lead us to value this time as an opportunity to grow as a family, strengthen ties and make a stop on the way to value and thank the great blessing we have of having a healthy family. It all depends on which of the two positions we are willing to take. That is, they will realize that going down the negative and pessimistic way not only exhausts more and does not allow us to look to the essential, but generates a chain effect on our children that can cause consequences in them at the level of emotional well-being.

In this sense, today more than ever it is essential that we understand ourselves as agents called to accompany our children on this path of learning that has been presented to us as a great opportunity for them to give their best and grow up appropriating the best of this experience. Let's get involved in what our children are learning, look for spaces for dialogue based on common family-sharing topics, close ties, see ways to support them in generating and fulfill routines and schedules that combine moments for family activities, family prayer moments, as well as spaces to perform household chores.

Let us not forget that children and adolescents have a greater ease of adapting to change and everything that perhaps it costs us a lot of internalization, for them it is much easier if they have clear slogans and routines.

Living the experience of acquiring school learning from the virtual environment can also be an excellent opportunity to accompany our children towards achieving digital autonomy. As we guide them with great patience and affection, they will see how they gradually feel more confident and confident to function properly on the digital platforms proposed by the school. Remember that we are part of the same team and today we are offered a great possibility to renew that shared mission that makes us part of the same educational community: the education of our children.

Let us seek that our homes become learning environments where values such as responsibility, teamwork, autonomy, solidarity and family union are promoted.

The learnings that our children have the possibility to acquire today will be internalized in them throughout their lives if they are properly oriented from home and will help them solve a number of problems and situations later. It's time to fill them with many tools to face life successfully. Fa

iruz Saba
High School Stage Director V
illa Caritas

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