Why does God allow all this?

Working these days at home, trying to comply with quarantine and in the midst of the avalanche of news, memes, statistical data about the coronavirus arises a question that often also appears in the moments of greatest pain, uncertainty or suffering, even more so when I see the current news.

I wonder why God, allow all this? (of course, implicitly as If He were the guilty hehe), that is, why so much pain, suffering at this time? We have enough with everyday evils.

At the same time, other reflections and concerns arise when we see some paradoxes that are being given: in times of greatest scientific advancement and that we explore life on other planets, we are confined in our homes by a set of microparticles, at a time when it is intended to redefine essential values such as gender, motherhood and fatherhood in the interests of freedom , the value of the life of the elderly and unborn children, this epidemic reminds us that the family as God has thought it is the first and most important bastion of society, for it is image of itself – communion of love-, is a place of love, of forgiveness, where men learn to live together, it is school, asylum , where the person learns to live the encounter, communion and if he strays, in the family itself he usually finds unconditional love to return to the right path.

What a paradox also sometimes perceive loneliness, in the midst of so many social networks "full of friends" and followers. Or realize that neither with all the money, fame or power by which we sometimes wear down and that the world "imposes" us as a model of life and for which we sometimes stop serving the same family and even our same relationship with God, can give us the freedom, nor the authentic happiness and enjoyment that comes from perceiving and enjoying the genuinely good , what we loved in our life: watch a son run in the sun, the smile of your daughter playing quietly, see the old people chatting, the joy of going to sleep peacefully at the house of your parents and friends, enjoy the sunset at sea or in a pool, feel a hug, a sincere smile, a friendly greeting, a firm handshake , go shopping quietly or be able to enter a chapel to thank and listen.

In short, so many other things where the great paradox of happiness is evident: that it is there, so close and so far, around us, in what we already have, in concrete faces and not in things, lies in the blessing that God gives us day by day to be able to live and perceive all that is good received as a gift , as a gift, even in problems and difficulties, for it always grants us its grace – if we want it – to endure them with Him.

It is there in the small, simple and everyday things as in the blessing of having a family, even more being a family, and I mean by this the fundamental core, but also the family in the Faith as is the Church, to the family that arises from belonging in this case to the same school where we can give a hand , advise, support. After these reflections I return to the initial question, why does God allow all this?

There may not be a unique, convincing answer for all, but He invites us to ask Him in daily prayer. Let's do it, it's good. However, a glimpse of light to respond I find it in these same paradoxes, for it is necessary sometimes to gather to meet, lose a little to value what you have, to share to receive more, to be silent in the midst of so much love to listen to and listen to God and those we love, to stop to re-direct the way of life , to die to selfishness to live in the logic of love, where pain, suffering is sometimes that means by which God speaks, shouts, so that we may see the really valuableness of life, remember that we need Him and we need each other, because we are just family, we are his family.


  • What new things have you learned as a family in this quarantine time?
  • A challenge together: each make a list of gestures, virtues, or abilities that you most admire from the other members of your family at this time and then with joy to share it with each other.
  • At lunches or dinners of this time, in addition to blessing food and sharing together, explicitly thank God for being able to be together and ask for those who suffer the most.

Juan Pablo Marulanda
Tutor of High School College San Pedro

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