First Place ADECOPA Math Festival

We congratulate our students and team of math teachers for the excellent results at the Festival of Mathematics organized by ADECOPA in which they stood out for obtaining the first positions in individual evaluation and collaborative work.

This annual festival involves more than 25 schools and aims for students to demonstrate their knowledge and math skills through problem solving (missions), discussions and teamwork.

We proudly share the results:


– Jana Seremet, Cassandra Abram – Elementary School (3rd grade): 2nd place PRIMARY MATERIAL FESTIVAL- E
milia Coloma and Maria Isabel Nieto – Middle School (6th grade): 3rd place PRIMARY MATERIALFESTIVAL- Andr
ea Núñez and Sofia Garro – Elementary School (3rd grade): 1 1 or placed in COLLABORATIVE WORK


– Agustina Urzua – Middle School (7th grade): 3rd place SECONDARY CUSP- Julia St
ephen – Middle School (8th grade): 2nd place SECONDARY CUSP- Maria Lucía Iparrag
uirre – High School (10th grade): 2nd place FESTIVAL OF CUSC SECONDARY- Fátima Aguilar –
Middle School (8th grade): 1st position COLLABORATIVE WORK- Maria Fern
anda Velasquez – High School (9th grade): 1st position COLLABORATIVE WORK- Lu
ciana Murillo – High School (10th grade): 1st PLACE COLLABORATIVE WORK

Pride Villa Caritas!

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