Talk by Alvaro Henzler and Tribute to Rosa Romero

Alvaro Henzler, co-founder of Enseña Peru and Director of Intercorp's InLider Leadership Center, visited our students to give them a talk about heroics. Alvaro stressed that it is important that people come together with others, so that, as a team, more acts of heroics can be carried out based on union and solidarity.

In addition, in this space, our students paid tribute to Rosa Romero, leader and founder of Laderas de Puente Piedra, where our students carry out solidarity campaigns. "The Lord has put you on our ways and it is through you and your help that you will gradually be able to change to Peru", were Rosa's words of thanks.

Thus, thanks to Alvaro's talk and Rosa's words, we have finished understanding about the great importance of people and the teamwork that existbehind a hero.

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