Language Assembly

On Thursday, May 2, the International Awards Assembly was held at the Coliseum of our College, in which the students who obtained outstanding results in the various language evaluations in 2018 were awarded. FCE Certifications were given to 9th graders, an evaluation that measures the level of English and the ability of students to function efficiently with the language in society.

On the other hand, the University of Cambridge granted ICE certification to students who successfully passed at least six IGCSE courses. This year Maria fe Carrasco was recognized for earning the "Top in the World" in the First Language Spanish exam.

Also, in German, high school students were recognized at the Sprachdiplom, which certifies the level of the students and considers them suitable to study at a university in Germany. In French, certifications were awarded for the Delf exam, as well as two Middle students who scored the highest from schools belonging to the French Alliance Network and were awarded in a special ceremony by the French Alliance Embassy France

We are proud of the international certifications obtained in 2018. We also invite all students who continue to prepare and work to continue to obtain excellent results.

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