EcoPark Project – UTEC Competition

We congratulate our students Maria Fernanda Nakamura and Sabrina Alamo in 10th grade, who were finalists in the contest "The Unimaginable Possible" organized by UTEC. They took the top spot in their category (3rd and 4th secondary) after passing the different phases of the contest.
His project called "EcoPark" seeks to give a solution to the lack of electricity in urban and rural inhabited spaces. Faced with this reality, the generation of it was sought using physical concepts such as the conversion of kinetic energy or movement into electric energy, in a practical way, taking advantage of the children's games and gym areas that exist in the parks to capture the energy produced with movement, transforming it into electric energy, storing it and it serves to illuminate public spaces from 6:00 pm.
In this way, "EcoPark" proposes the idea of creating together a healthy and innovative society, where together we achieve progress.
Pride Villa Caritas!

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