Sports Assembly

In order to recognize and reward the dedication and sporting achievements of our students during 2018, we had our Closing Sports Assembly.
This year, the College achieved important achievements at the sporting level. That is why in this Clausura were presented awards in categories of "Honourable Mention" and "Outstanding Athletes" in different categories such as volleyball, gymnastics, altetism, swimming and tennis, among the main ones.
And the most anticipated accolades in this meeting were the Athletes of the Year. On this occasion, students Daniela Carolina Rubio Yi (Junior Category) and Jimena Mc Farlane Camino (Major Category) received these honors.
In addition, they also presented the "Awards to the sports career" with the aim of recognizing the students who throughout their life at the College have stood out for their sporting merits and their dedication in the selections of the College. Coaches who made significant achievements for Villa Caritas were also rewarded amid applause from our students.

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