Great results in gymnastics championships

We congratulate the students Gianna Barbieri (9th), Rafaella Noriega (8th) and Mariajose Zaplana (7th), who have had an outstanding participation in the Pan American Aerobic Gymnastics Championship and the Pan American Cup Interclubs, representing Peru. In Lima, 8 countries participated: Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela.
Below we share the results
Pan american:
-Silver medal, trio modality, Age 2 category (15 to 17 years).
-Silver medal, group mode, Age 2 category.
-Bronze medal, group mode, Age1 category (12 to 14 years).
Gianna: 2 gold medals, trio and group modalities, Age 2 category.
Mariajose: silver medal, group modality, Age 1 category.
Rafaella: bronze medal, group modality, Age 1 category.

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