I International Educators Day – UCAL

We proudly communicate that the Director of our school, Ximena Bisso, was part of the group of panelists of the I International Day of Education organized by the University of Latin American Sciences and Arts (UCAL).
This was a space where we could share, analyze and talk about the main practices, methodologies and educational proposals in the country and region. The day was divided into two stages:
First Stage

  • Master Lecture – with Dr. Alberto Rodríguez, Director of the World Bank for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Question Panel – with Dr. Carla Olivieri – Rector and CEO of UCAL, lic. Ximena Bisso López de Romagna, Director of the Villa Caritas and Lic College. Oscar Mas – Vice-Chancellor of Innovation at UCAL.
    Stage Two
  • Conducting a workshop where the vision of the school was worked in the next decade, using for this, the Creative Pro.seso Method, patented by UCAL.

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