Athletics coach, one of the top 8 in the world

With joy we congratulate the miss Flor Lengua, athletics coach of our school, who is in the top 8 in the world after participating in the World Athletics Master 2018, held in Malaga, Spain.
Flor was part of the national master team, representing Peru as an athlete in the speed tests for the 100, 200, 400 meters flat, in addition to pole 4-100 meters.
He competed with more than 50 athletes, 9 participants in each series. In the 100-meter flat event he reached the semi-finals, reaching 12th out of 54 participants. In the 200 meters he managed to reach the final, all European rivals. In the 400 meters also reached the end, in these last 2 tests you are in the top 8 in the world. Finally, in the team test 4-100 they got 4th place managing to beat the South American Record of this test.
We are confident that these great results will help you continue to encourage Miss Flower Language to achieve many more goals, thanks to her effort and dedication.
Pride Villa Caritas!

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