Talk by Osvaldo Cuadro

Talk by Osvaldo Cuadro
Our 10th graders received the visit of Osvaldo Cuadro Moreno, writer of Argentine nationality, who has written more than 45 books with one million copies on topics on family, self-help, human relations and spirituality. He has been a lecturer in virtually every country in Latin America, and in the United States.
Mr. Osvaldo Cuadro was in charge of the talk "Choosing the career, an answer in my life", which was aimed at 10th graders, since at that age he started the process of choosing the professional career. The goal was to give them a series of tips to lead them in making their professional future decisions.
We are sure that thanks to this talk, together with their effort and dedication in the studies, our students will be able to make a wise decision and in the future become successful professionals.
Look at the message that mr. Osvaldo left the students:

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