Celebration of Middle Country Holidays and High School

To celebrate our Peru together, our Elementary School students participated in the second Folklore Festival, where they danced to the rhythm of a live band, different typical dances such as the Diablada, Carnivals from different places in Peru, among others.
On the other hand, the students of Middle and High School also prepared a tribute full of music and singing performances. The event was enthused with the words of the Head Prefect, Shadia Muñoz-Najar, who told us about valuing our identity and how united to create homeland. The most emotional moment of the celebration was witnessed when the change of escort of the students from 11th to the 10th graders was made, who assume with honor and responsibility the wearing of the standards of the school and the flag of Peru.
Pride Villa Caritas, Proud to be Peruvian!

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