Faith Experience with Pope Francis

Our student María Paula San Martin Amorrortu, 15, experienced an emotional meeting with Pope Francis last Saturday in Trujillo, thanks to the "Scholas Ciudadanía" Program, created by the Holy Father with the aim of revolutionizing knowledge and education.
Together with five other students from various private and public schools and representing more than 200 students, they chatted with His Holiness for more than half an hour about the projects that, from their own experiences, propose to overcome the problems most significant in our country. The goal was clear: to be more united to solve our problems.
"In 'Scholas' I learned to value what I have, to always look at the needs of others before mine and to see the reality of the country that I didn't see before because I didn't live it. I understood that to make a change you have to set an example, to make the ordinary extraordinary", were the words of Mary Paula after living this spiritual experience that undoubtedly touched her heart.
In this space, the Minister of Education, Idel Vexler, delivered a letter to the Supreme Pontiff in which he expresses his intention to support the implementation of the programs developed by the "Scholas Ocurrentes" Foundation in Peru, to bring closer and promote participation of young people from different sociocultural and economic conditions in the reality of their country.

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